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Light Work


C Bleu

My name is Charlee Bleu Hines aka C Bleu.  I started performing at 5 years old. I'm a fun and energetic person with a passion for music and art & science. I have performed for crowds of more than 10,000 people. My most notable live performance experiences include, Lupe Fiasco, The Legedary Roots Crew and many others. 


I'm 14 years old from Compton, California & I attend Curtiss Middle School as an 8th Grader for my regular school studies. I am a proud member of the LASUD Student Council Board. I am the youngest journeywomen in my 3rd year of SOSA (Society of Spoken Art), an educational group whose goal is to introduce rappers to the fields of Linguistics & Semiotics. I am a part of Girls Make Beats, which teach young girls the aspects of music production and engineering, as well as DJing. I also attended Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, where I learned music engineering & song writing as part of my artist development. I recently  done a commercial for a popular athletic company, voiceover work and currently working on becoming an official member of the SAG community. I have my very own clothing line, girls fragrance and assorted accessories.  My debut mixtape, “Just A Kid” was released on February 16, 2018


"People say the sky is the limit & that's true. I agree but I like to think of myself like the blue sea. Think about it. When you look out into the sea it's endless. It keeps going & going. It doesn't stop as far as the eye can see.That's me! My ideas, my possibilities, my drive. It keeps going, it doesn't stop, it's endless!"

By: C Bleu

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